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People Journeys

Some of our most rewarding and comforting experiences come from revisiting the lives of family members and friends we've known and discovering the lives of people we never knew.

Only you can leave this priceless information for your descendants. Your story and those of your loved ones are invaluable for shaping your descendants' lives and perhaps even saving a life.  As a family project, the retelling of a loved one's funny moments will provide plenty of laughs and smiles. Life stories are a great gift for the entire family - past, present, and future.

Record Your Own Journey

Creating your journey is an easy and rewarding experience resulting in a beautiful, permanent, well thought out record of your life story. Documenting your journey is a fun project for the entire family, or create it by yourself. In either case,  descendants will thank you for this priceless information.

Record a Loved One's Journey

Ancestors'  life experiences are invaluable to their descendants. Learning about their ancestors' life experiences gives descendants a broader sense of family, a better understanding of who we are, and helpful health history.

Find a Journey

Learning about the lives of people that play a part in defining your life will broaden your sense of family and give you invaluable information that can be helpful in shaping your life.

Find Directions to Final Resting Places

Find real-time navigation to a friend or family member's final resting place. Now you and family members can enjoy spending time with ancestors who played a part in your life.

"I hear great-great-grandmother's voice!!"

Our Journey Has a HUGE Impact on Descendants' Lives!

Imagine the children's excitement hearing their great-great-grandparents' voices and learning about their lives!

Loved Ones' Entire Journey at Your Fingertips

Future generations can enrich their lives with visits to family members they may have never known.

Don't Let Journeys Be Lost!

Don't let your journey and those of your loved ones be lost forever. A personal webpage of one’s journey is forever, unlike paper records that get lost, misplaced, or ends up in estate sales. This website is a permanent registry containing the important details of ones' lives; a place where the departed can live forever; a place where future generations can discover their ancestors; a place to find directions to final resting places including those for scattered ashes. 

Pet Journeys

Tell the world about your pet! They have brought you great happiness, let them bring happiness to others.

Start Today Recording Your New Pet's Journey

A fun and rewarding activity! Record your new pet's journey throughout its life. Each day you, your family, and friends can enjoy new happenings in your pet's journey. In later years, you can relive all of the fond times you had with your pet.

Preserve a Late Pet's Journey

Recording a pet's journey is the perfect way to show how important their life is to us and relive the wonderful moment they brought us.

Find a Pet's Journey

Enjoy reading about the happiness a pet brought to its human friend.

Private or Public

Any or all of your data can be private or public.  Private pieces of data can be viewed only at your invitation. You can also allow specific people to edit specific data pieces.